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e-CRM (Could based Customer Relation Management)

In all the Areas of Business – more particularly so, in Property Development Business – the Role and Contribution of SALES Module have been tremendous. Our e-CRM software fully caters to the entire gamut of information needs of both the CUSTOMERS and also, the PROPERTY DEVELOPERS.

The software takes heed of the following main features.

  • Maintenance of Customer Information – together with the Respective Apartment Details, like Total Cost, Area etc.
  • Interacting with Transactions. Like Cheque Receipt (from Customer), Debit Notes and Bounced Cheques & Refunds, if any – at any point of time, the Current Outstanding of any Customer of any Site can be viewed, with an option to get the Print‐out of the Details.
  • Updates, relating to Transfer of Apartment, on a single stroke – without involving any re-entry of data. Such Transfer will automatically transfer all the Balances from the Original Apartment to the New One, making the Original Apartment available for others to book
  • Periodical Financial Statements – Consolidated for Official Purpose OR optionally, for any given Customer
  • Option for Sending Reminder Letters to the Customers
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