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Amalgam of Availability and the Stability of Talent, Dedication & Commitment is the major reason for Overseas IT Companies, to utilise the Services of Adithya, declaring the Company, as their Off-shore Development Partners. Local Corporates find excellence in Adithya’s Dedicated & Committed Support Service, providing cost-effective Solutions for their Dynamic Business needs. For Adithya, the main line of Business is Custom-built Software. Projects handled, involve right from the initial stage of identifying an effective Computerization Strategy, covering a wide range of Applications.

Areas of Technical Competency

RDBMS Oracle,SQL Server & MySQL
Tools Visual Studio 2015/2017 (Frameworks 4.6/4.7)
Languages ASP,VB.Net,C#.Net,PHP,AJAX
Platforms Windows 2016 & 2019 Server, Linux

Domain Expertise

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